ebay #230334549550 £107 "BENNETT & CLENCH, Salisbury. No 3881. Top quality, London finished chronograph movement, jewelled to the 3rd with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape arbors. English chronograph and rocking-bar keyless work mounted under the dial - see pic. Unusual inverted double-roller lever escapement, the lever of 'tuning fork' pattern, as associated with best London work. Compensation balance, free sprung blued-steel balance-spring with double overcoil. Snap-on two-piece enamel dial, 46 mm diameter, 10 mm deep, not included centre arbor.Bennett & Clench, retailers recorded in Salisbury from 1858-75.Steel ring holding enamel dial broken (shown held together in pic), dial with hair crack, top balance pivot broken, lacking hands and a few light scratches on top plate. Not working."


Fusee lever watch with unusual keyless patent ebay.co.uk item#120036916212 ended 5 Oct 2006 £51.55, seller: sixpips1

Description: A good 2/3 plate ,fusee chain driven, WATKINS PATENT LEVER escapement pocket watch movement.By BENNETT & CLENCH SALISBURY. Number 32325. PATENT wind and PATENT set movement.A Watkins and R C Hanrott, PATENT No. 1032,April 8th. 1870.A folding key that can be attached to any suitable key wound watch. Solid rose Gold balance in good shape and swinging.Chain on and fully wound.Ticks when gently swung.Diamond endstone and Ruby jewels.White enamel dial as shown.No seconds hand.Pivot intact. Very Unusual movement with,by screw, detachable keys. Size 40mm Circa 1875